PT. Graha Dinamika Pratama (GRAKAMA) was established in Jakarta at January 2005 with strong supported by management and sales team with average over 5 years experienced in industrial control, intrumentation, machineries and oil&gas division.

Grakama was established as measuring instrument agents and stockist, heating devices manufacturer and engine-valves servicing company that coverage operational throughout 7 cities around Indonesia.

Grakama management and marketing team developed with commitment acquired a reputation for high quality service, production and instrumentation products; securing as its long time customers numerous major Indonesia multinational companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Oil&gas trading companies sectors where stringent quality standards are maintained.

Grakama emphasis on quality and gold-service together with the drive for an expanded product line has resulted in a broad market reach.

As we progress into the next century, our vission is quite clear; competitively priced quality products and a commitment to providing out customers with the best service is what will continue to seperate us from the competition.

Company History
Vission & Mission
Grakama emphasis on quality and service together with the driver for an expanded product & service line has resulted in a broad market reach.
Today, Grakama corporation includes 7 main market division:
Our company statement is to provide our customers with industrial instrumentation for the measurement primarily of pressure-temperature-level-flow controp products, heating devices production and quality machineries services and repairing with statement as follow:
1. To provide our customers with industrial instrumentation for the measurement primarily of pressure,     temperature, flow and level products.
2. Production for all general or specific types and models of thermocouples and thermowells products.
3. Re-condition, service, calibrate and repair all application of engines, motors, pumps and valves according to     manufacturer's standard. Test certificate will be supplied. Service guarantee will be made based on test     certificate.
1. Measuring devices agents & stockist
2. Heating devices and parts manufacturer
3. Industrial parts importer specialist
4. Oil&gas division
5. Petro-chemical division
6. Contractor and project maintenance specialist division